About TOSS

TOSS the sunrise

The Oxford Sunrise Shuttle Academy (TOSS Academy) is a premier international badminton training institute located in “God’s Own Country” – Kerala. TOSS Academy is a leading sporting venue and arena for badminton in Trivandrum. Rightly as its name suggests, the inception of TOSS is the sunrise in the domain of sports. Through the integration of sports psychology, education, and sportsmanship values, we coach budding talents to build their foundation towards a sound and healthy prospect.

TOSS Badminton Academy persists to promote gifted youngsters from Kerala, that has always been a state that gave rise to world-class players. International coaches, certified training procedures, and a motivating environment ensure the all-round development of students. Through a competitive and constructive approach, we assure the athletic success of badminton players.

TOSS Highlights:

  • TOSS Academy Support Network

To create a successful Performance Centre that can support and guide all players and coaches to realize their potential, the coaching team will need to identify and exploit many opportunities, engaging and with a number of external organizations and individuals to build healthy and lasting relationships.

  • Video Analysis

All players are encouraged to watch video footage of themselves, opponents, world-class, juniors and their favourite top stars. Visualize the next steps necessary and reinforce their motivation.

  • Personal Review

Time should be taken, at least once a year (ideally each term) for a coach to sit down with each player to help them reflect and discuss progress. The style and depth of this personal review will differ for each squad and player, but should always help players to:

  • Personal Development Goals

All TOSS Academy players have Personal Development Goals (PDGs) and a clear idea of how to achieve them within a set time frame. During personal reviews, coaches can support players to review their profiling scores and identify 3 or 4 key PDGs. As players progress and mature they should gradually take more ownership over setting their goals.